Clip in veneers

clip on veneers, what are they.

So they’ve started to pop up everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Google. What is this crazy new trend I hear you ask. Clip in veneers whats that? Well let me tell you a little about them but before that first lets start with traditional veneers. Well traditional veneers are a common treatment used by many to enrich their smile. They go to the dentist and he or she carries out various prep work to your teeth (effectively shaves them down) then glues a very thin tooth cover or veneer over the top of your current shaved down teeth. There are different makes and of course many different materials that can be used from ceramic to composite. How much would this treatment set you back… wait for it…. its going to cost you a pretty penny. You should look to be spending anywhere from 8-16 thousand for a full set of new nashers and you get what you pay for.

Welcome the clip in veneer. the hottest new thing this year. If you don’t have 10 grand to spend then for a very small in comparison £700 you can a lovely set of clip in bad boy veneers. So for what i can work out so far you have get sent a home mould kit and take a impression of your current teeth and send it back to the labs of the clip in veneer suppliers. Then they get to work sculpting you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. they just snap over you current teeth and can give you a whiter, straighter smile for a fraction of the cost. you can eat and drink in them too the only thing that I’ve noticed is that most of the companies ask you not to sleep in them. You can have a a number of shades from bl1 or holywood white to a more natural tooth shade. I think they’re brilliant for people that love a white smile and spend £500 pm on zoom teeth whitening or people that love a white smile and preserve the health of their teeth. They are also a great solution for people with missing or crooked teeth that want a fast affordable solution. They are also great for weddings and other situations where your smile is gong to be a focal of the party. Are they as good as traditional veneers. In some ways yes but I don’t think they are going to replace the 16K treatment but i think there is a gap ion the market and for those that cant afford traditional veneers then clip in veneers are a great solution.

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